Essential equipment for learning shorthand

Learning shorthand can be a daunting task. But having the right equipment will make life a lot easier. It will also speed up the learning process.

So what is essential? The good news is that students who are learning Teeline shorthand, Gregg or Pitman won’t need a lot. Just pens, notepads, an audio player, a text book, a shorthand course and – for those using shorthand professionally such as journalists – a messenger bag, according to these tips come from Hubpages.

A messenger bag is a useful piece of kit for journalists who will be out of the office

A messenger bag is a useful piece of kit for journalists who will be out of the office

Choosing a pen is not quite as simple as it looks. Black Bic biros are the recommended variety, while ring bound reporters notepads are ideal for writing shorthand passages when learning or working.

Audio players are essential for practicing at home by listening to dictations of voice recordings. Most smartphones have the ability to play back audio files, which makes listening to shorthand dictations quick and easy wherever you are.

Clearly the most important tool in learning shorthand is joining a good course. Find the right place to learn, that’s suitable to your situation, and the learning process will become a lot faster. All good course tutors should also provide a course textbook to accompany lessons. Sometimes it is a workbook they have designed themselves while others use industry standard books like those from the NCTJ.

Finally, for journalists who will be using shorthand note taking as part of their professional worklife, a good quality messenger bag is recommended. For style?  Partly. But mostly because they provide quick and easy access to pens and notepads. You never know when you’ll have to reach for the notepad to write down an important quote!

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