This great selection of books for learning Teeline shorthand are perfect for studying at home, without having to spend money on classes or online courses. The reviews for these titles are all positive – and many people have learned the fundamentals of shorthand theory and reached a standard of 50 or 60 words a minute just from studying the books and practicing.

  • Perfect for getting a head start over other students on a journalism course, polishing up your shorthand after years of lazy note-taking at work or learning a new skill to add to your CV to boost employment prospects

The best-selling book on Amazon for learning Teeline shorthand, this written course from the NCTJ also contains a CD with a number of audio tracks to speed up the learning process.

The best part is that this book is produced by the NCTJ – the organisation that produces the exams and runs training courses for journalists in the UK. This will help you to pass their shorthand exams.

Each learning module is clear and concise. By following the instructions from the books, it’s possible to learn shorthand pretty quickly.

Overall, this is an absolutely brilliant book to learn Teeline shorthand. Great for extra practice to complement an official course at a university, but also good enough for self-learning at home.

Teeline Fast is another shorthand book with great reviews on Amazon. It’s actually perfect for for learning shorthand at home without a course or teacher.

The book guides readers through how to write Teeline step by step. There are small exercises after each theory unit. Teeline shorthand theory is the most important part of learning, so this aspect of the book is important.

Teeline Fast a great course for the beginner, and after a few weeks practice, many people can write 50 or 60 words a minute.

The books is small and thin – perfect for carrying around in a bag to practice in lunch breaks or while commuting.

Teeline Gold is another excellent course book for anybody who wants to learn shorthand themselves from the beginning, use as an extra practice aid to classes, or as a mini-refresher course, to improve shorthand skills that have long been forgotten.

The pages are laid out neatly and the course progresses logically at a steady speed, that’s not too slow or too fast.

This book is ideal for secretaries, as well as journalists and students. It’s possible to be writing fast shorthand notes within a few months of using this self-learning course book. Use alongside Teeline Gold: Word List as a powerful combination.

Using the shorthand course book to learn Teeline will give you an extra skill to further employment in any profession.

Teeline Gold: Word List is the ideal companion to the Teeline Gold book. If any of you have just started teeline you need this book! It is the most comprehensive collection of Teeline shorthand words available to buy.

Even experienced shorthand pros get stuck occasionally and need to look up words that they have forgotten or which are complicated. This book is perfect to keep on the desk use while learning.

The book used to be called Teeline Dictionary and it’s been an essential resource for a number of years for anyone learning shorthand.

There are more than 12,000 shorthand outlines inside! These include all the ‘special’ symbols that are hard to remember. A must-buy for any journalist or shorthand student.

The Teeline Gold workbook is a spiral-bound edition that makes a great set together with Teeline Gold and Teeline Gold: Word List.

This edition reinforces the detailed sections in the course book – building a solid foundation for taking shorthand exams and remembering the skill in the future. For anyone struggling to full grasp shorthand, the work book is a huge help.

The shorthand notebook style of workbook works with the course book. The book will boost your progress when used alongside other Teeline Gold publications.

As this is a workbook, it is intended to be written in. When buying from Amazon, ensure you choose a new copy as the used versions may have writing inside.

Of all the shorthand learning books that are available, Teeline for Journalist is perhaps the most modern-looking. It has some great reviews from many happy buyers.

The book also comes with a CD, which is an added attraction that helps to speed up the learning process. All of the tracks can be transferred onto an iPod, MP3 player or Smartphone for listening to and practicing while on the move.

Teeline for journalists breaks down the art of shorthand into simple, easy to learn exercises, that are simple and easy to understand.

Like the other books on this page, it can be used for learning shorthand at home – a perfect self-study manual that provides the shorthand skills needs to reach 60-words-a-minute and beyond.