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How Long Do People Remember Shorthand For?

Shorthand is a bit like riding a bike. You will remember it for a long time if you have learned it well and used it regularly for many years. I’ve met plenty of people over 60 years old who learned shorthand at school and can still remember

Can I really learn shorthand from a book?

Anybody looking for a job in journalism should be learning shorthand right away. Don’t hang around – the sooner you can be interviewing people and writing stories, or producing videos, the sooner you will be able to get your dream job in the media. It might seem

Why shorthand gives you an advantage at job interviews

Shorthand is one the biggest assets that a new graduate can have when they are applying for jobs and having interviews in the media. In journalism,  people who know shorthand will be put to the top of the pile. They will be the preferred candidates.  This isn’t just my word. Martin

Shorthand for police officers

The other day I saw a police woman speaking to a man in the street. She was asking him about something that had happened just down the way and taking notes in her book. Now, I know from experience that police officers often have to take down