Learning shorthand is ‘absolutely vital’, says the Sun

Leaning shorthand is still as important as ever for people who want to be journalists, says the Sun’s managing editor.

Graham Dudman says that anybody who doesn’t have shorthand ‘doesn’t get a job with us’.

Beings able to write in 1100 words a minute is ‘absolutely vital for anybody working for the Sun or any other paper’, says Graham.

Managing Editor of The Sun Graham Dudman Backs NCTJ from Up To Speed Journalism on Vimeo.

‘People who think that you don’t need it now because of technology or electronic recording devices are living in a fantasy world.’

Graham goes on to describe shorthand as ‘absolutely crucial’.

If you still have any doubt as to whether you need to know shorthand to work in journalism, then you will get left behind.

Because right now there are plenty of people who are learning it super quickly.

Check out the shorthand books page on this website for the best study courses.

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