Piers Morgan tells student ‘do your Teeline shorthand’

Piers Morgan has praised the importance of learning shorthand – telling journalism student to ‘do your Teeline’.

The former Daily Mirror editor was tweeted by a Mark Tuxford who is attending Harlow University just like Piers did.

Piers, who now presents Good Morning Britain, responded by tweeting ‘I did. Work hard, play hard & do your Teeline!’

The message was liked 77 times and re-tweeted 27 times.

The fact that Piers still remembers learning Teeline is testament to how useful the system is. He’s been the editor of a national newspaper, hosted a major U.S. chat show and has become a TV celebrity in his own right.

Piers Morgan believes students should learn shorthand

Piers Morgan believes students should learn shorthand

It’s a clear sign that shorthand is still as important as ever for trainee journalists.

Anybody who plans to work in the news media – either for newspapers, radio, TV or online – needs to record people’s speech accurately and quickly.

Shorthand is the only system in the world that can be used for this.

Other senior media professionals also stress the importance of shorthand, including the Sun’s managing editor Graham Dudman and the head of Cavendish Press Jon Harris.

Piers quite rightly mentioned Teeline. This is the method largely taught in the UK and is quicker to learn and simpler that Pitman or Greg shorthand.

Whether Piers can still right his Teeline shorthand is another question… perhaps he would like to be tested?


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