The Teeline shorthand alphabet is essential for learning shorthand. Each letter is one of the many ‘building blocks’ that are used to write words and phrases.

Shorthand letters can either be very similar to the regular alphabet or in some cases shortened versions of the letters are used. Teeline versions of these letters only use one line, or one curve. For example, in the Teeline letter h, we simply get rid of the mini arc shape at the bottom and use a straight vertial line. This represents the letter h in Teeline shorthand.

Another example is the letter t. In Teeline shorthand we strip away the verticle line with the curve at the bottom and just use the small horizontal line at the top to represent t.

Learning the shorthand alphabet thoroughly early on is vital to success. Spend a little extra time memorising each of the letters in the shorthand alphabet. Each letters is shown below.

To save time when taking notes, shorthand letters are also used to represent whole words.

Teeline shorthand alphabet

Teeline shorthand alphabet