Writing some simple sentences entirely in shorthand is easy once the alphabet has been mastered. All we need to do is write the shorthand letters to show the words that they represent. These sentences will all use letters that also double as words. If you need to recap, visit the words and letters here. So lets have a little practice and see how we get on.

This first sentence is very simple. It uses four words and none of them need to be joined up. It just gives a simple flavour of how outlines can be put together in a sentence.

shorthand sentence1

He would cross authority


Ok. How did you get on? Let’s try another.

Now hopefully things are starting to become clearer.

shorthand sentence2

Go to your local magistrate


Try this one…

shorthand sentence3

A female zebra would begin a lot of evidence

These Teeline shorthand sentences are just examples, and it’s unlikely that they would ever appear in every day usage. However, they do show just how easy it is to form shorthand sentences with basic outlines.

Have a go at creating a sentence yourself by piecing together some simple outlines. MS paint is a simple way to write them on screen. If you need any checking just send an email or you could write a blog post to share your progress.